Cancellation and Makeup Policy

To cancel an appointment, please call or email us. Please do not text to cancel a lesson.

  • Each student will be given one makeup credit per semester to use towards making up a lesson. Makeup credits must be used within 30 days of the initial scheduled lesson otherwise the lesson will be considered forfeit.
  • Lessons must be canceled with at least 48 hours’ notice in order to be eligible for using a makeup credit, with the exception of illness, medical emergency, or other rare/extenuating circumstances.
  • Inclement weather policy: if school is in session and the subways are running, it is expected that you will come to your lesson.
  • "Missed" or "forgotten" lessons are considered forfeit. 
  • If we have to cancel a lesson, we will do our best to give you at least a few days’ advance notice, unless in case of illness, emergency, or rare/extenuating circumstance. We offer a make-up lesson or a refund for any lesson that we must cancel.

Communication Between Lessons

Please confirm that your contact information (email, phone number, etc) is up-to-date on the MyMusicStaff website so that you receive and are able to respond to studio communication in a timely manner.

For music-related questions, email is best. To cancel a lesson, refer to the Cancellation Policy.

Terminating Lessons and Refund Policy

Should a student wish to terminate lessons, 15 days’ notice must be given in person or by


There are no refunds, except for cases where we choose to terminate lessons with a student. Then a refund will be given for any remaining untaught lessons.