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Creative Cello Lessons / Chamber Music for Adults / Alexander Technique

"I have learned so much...Her approach to everything (from movement to music theory) is exactly what I was hoping for. Very happy to have found such a patient and supportive teacher!" --AS, Adult Student

“Kirin has worked with me extensively to bring my cello playing back up from nothing in preparation for my (surprise) performance at my wedding. I went from not playing to playing the piece I was interested in performing quite well. She also worked to listen to my other goals (which included learning to play songs as I hear them and learning to improvise) and always puts those elements into my practice.She has a way of explaining and working that I akin to meditation: relax, focus, let go (it's ok to make mistakes) and be aware of the world around you as you play...I can not recommend a better teacher, especially if you are looking to get much more out of your lessons than just technique. She presents a sort of Zen and the art of the cello, which quickly translated to many other areas of my life.” NK, Adult Student

“I consider myself very lucky to have found Kirin for a cello teacher. I learned more in one lesson than I have in the past ten years trying to teach myself. She's an incredible instructor and incorporates concepts into her lessons that are essential for proper cello playing and technique. Every time I have a lesson with her I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. I plan on taking lessons with Kirin for years to come.” SC, Adult Student

"Kirin has been such a great teacher for our daughter...she has made wonderful progress...and this is all the more amazing given how busy she is, which says all sorts of things about Kirin's ability to teach and inspire…” PF, Parent of Teen Student

“My son really enjoys his lessons with Kirin. Her teaching is a big part of of his continued interest and improvement in his study of the cello." DG, Parent of 10 year old student