Creative Cello Lessons in Brooklyn, NY

  Why choose Brooklyn Cello & Alexander Technique?

The important stuff...

  • We accept intermediate and advanced players
  • Our approach to teaching and playing is rooted in quality of movement through the principles of the Alexander Technique. When you learn how to observe whole body as you play, your inherent sense of poise and coordination starts to work for you and your technique falls into place with way less effort. You also experience a greater sense of enjoyment and freedom, so that you leave lessons and practice sessions feeling recharged.  
  • We offer pairings for chamber groups, chamber music classes, and opportunities for more in-depth study
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...And the fun stuff:

  • Lessons are focused but fun. While we are serious about developing excellent technique and music interpretation skills, we keep things in perspective.
  • We throw really great cello parties
  • You'll meet an awesome group of people who love to make music
  • And you'll learn how to bring a greater sense of mindfulness, purpose, and drive to your life outside of the cello (seriously, our approach has been dubbed "zen and the art of cello playing.")