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Cello Lessons, Classes, & Chamber Music in Park Slope

Programs of Study

Cello lessons & chamber music classes

Cello Lessons for Kids

Lessons that teach kids how to love music

Lessons & Classes for Beginner Adults

Learn to play even if you don’t read music or have “no ear”

Lessons for Advanced Adult Players

Stop hitting the wall in practice & make real progress


Convenient to the FGR trains at 4th Avenue-9th Street in Park Slope.

What Our Students Say

“My daughter looks forward to her lesson every week.”

Jennifer, Parent of 7 y/o student

“Kirin has been teaching my 7 year old daughter cello for 2 years now. She has not only been a wonderful teacher in terms of teaching her skills and technique, but has also nurtured a love and respect for the instrument. Kirin is always positive and encouraging and is able to support Layla and help her work through challenging new skills. Kirin has helped me learn how to become a parent of a young cellist and always meets us where we are in terms of how much we can practice and what our personal cello hopes goals are. My daughter looks forward to her lessons each week and absolutely loves playing. I can’t possible say more positive things about our experience with Kirin and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an instructor.”


Ryan, Adult Student

“Instead of a lot of teachers that teach you what they think you should be working on, she goes out of her way to find out what you are interesting in working on and going forward with that. It makes the experience so much easier to be engaged in, unlike other times where it has felt more like a chore. Additionally, her Alexander Technique training adds a really helpful component that I’ve never gotten with any other teacher and I’ve seen pretty surprising results from the experience with that aspect of her teaching.”

“Couldn’t be happier with my progress.”

Blake, Adult Student

“Kirin is consistent in understanding my individual needs as a student and caters her instruction to best suit my personal goals. She has given me new ways to think about every aspect of learning to play the cello, whether it be practicing, performing, or working on nuanced technique. Couldn’t be happier with my progress and the new challenges Kirin pushes me to accomplish.”


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